About Us

The Heritage is a 120 acre equine boarding facility located outside historic Pendleton, SC. An easy drive from Clemson, Anderson and Greenville, SC. Our facility is accommodating to all riders.

A bit about our History:

Owning my own horse and farm was always a lifelong dream. I spent several years doing competitive trail riding, and then tried the Hunter and Western Pleasure scenes. It wasn’t until Dressage became more popular that I knew I had hit on my target. I set into the study of Dressage with intensity. Learning the inner workings of a horse, the physics of balance, and the psychology of the horse and rider combination was a natural process for me.

My husband and I, along with our two sons, started our farm in 1985 with bare ground. We studied what type of grass to grow, how to put up fences, you name it, we tried it. Old farmers looked at me with a wary eye, and chuckled. Now we have a lovely facility with a 12-stall barn, riding arena, pastures, and many trails through our forest. It is a quiet, tranquil place, and it is our place.

Many years of medical training have been a godsend providing me a through ability to care for, and nurture the horses that have come to live at our farm.

As for my teachers, there have been great ones. My vets have been tremendous, and my riding instructions were some well-known and not so well known instructors.  I learned from all but my best teachers have been the horses. I had youngsters to ride, and even though they knew nothing, they taught me tremendous lessons.

Over the years, I taught beginners riders to second level dressage, and trained horses higher than that. I hope that I have helped fulfill many dreams while building self-confidence. 

I have been involved in the horse industry a long time and decided that I am now ready for  "semi-retirement". By that I mean I will not be offering outside lessons (still doing boarding), and prefer to mentor those that have their own horses that board here.

It has been a fun ride and I have acquired lot's of great memories and friends

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