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The Barn

We offer a modern well cared for facility, providing 12 X 12 stalls with outside windows for plenty of ventilation and sliding doors to the interior aisle-way for a feeling of openness. All stalls are lined with rubber mats and bedded with sawdust. There is a hot/cold wash rack, several cross-ties for grooming inside the barn, and a secured tack room for boarders. The barn is next to our home and we live on the property

The Pastures

Mares and Geldings are pastured separately. There are 20 acres in 5 separate areas fenced with either three-rail PVC or smooth with with electric. Fresh water and salt blocks are available at all times. We have three smaller paddocks available for individual, short-term use but feel it is a very important part of your horse's well being to socialize in small groups as nature intended.

Riding at The Heritage

There is a 100'x230' sand, lighted riding arena and a 60' diameter round pen, a separate jump field and easy access to various trails for hours of riding enjoyment, all without leaving our property.


The Heritage requires all horses to have a yearly Coggins test and Rabies vaccination along with spring and fall vaccinations for EEE, WEE, Tetanus, Rhino, W. Nile and Flu to ensure the well being of all.



We offer reasonable prices with quality care and have many years of experience in horse management and health care along with being a retired RN.

What We Offer - Modified Stall Board only - this service offers most of the amenities of full board except that the horses live in the pasture full time in small groups.

  • Horses come into their stalls twice a day for feedings then turned back out. We only keep horses in during extreme weather conditions.
  • We feed Bartlett Feed (10%Protein, 6%Fat mix- offering a maximum amt. of 4lbs. 2x/day) which is formulated by the KER.
  • Supplements are administered daily, in AM, if provided by owner, and any additional requirements or different feed product are at the expense of the owner.
  • Quality Costal Bermuda hay or grass is available at all times.
  • Deworming program recommended by our Vet
  • It is recommended that you provide a lightweight waterproof sheet (preferably a Rambo) for protection during inclement winter weather. Horses will be blanketed with one waterproof sheet OR mid weight blanket (max 200 gms) in the winter when temperatures drop to 30F or below or there is a cold rain. We generally do not have weather requiring confinement of horses or heavy weight blankets. Only blankest WITHOUT rear leg straps will be applied to horses, for the safety of our handlers.
  • Full use of our facilities and trails
  • To print a copy of our boarding information, download the PDF: Hert18

For additional pictures of our facility, visit our Gallery Page.